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Engine type84 AWF84 AWF84 AWF84 AWF84 AWF84 AWF
Number of cylinders666666
Capacity (l)
Power kW / hp / r / min (ISO 14396)
Max. power, kW/hp/rpm *199/270/2000217/295/2000236/320/2000258/350/2000272/370/2000294/400/2000
Max. power with boost, kW/hp/rpm *290/2000315/2000350/2000370/2000400/2000405/2000
Torque Nm / r
Max. torque1220/15001300/15001390/15001530/15001540/15001540/1500
Max. torque with boost1300/15001390/15001500/15001590/15001600/15001600/1500
Gears forward/reverse *CVTCVTCVTCVTCVTCVT
Speeds min-max, km/h *0.03-50 (forward), 0.03-38 (reverse)0.03-50 (forward), 0.03-38 (reverse)0.03-50 (forward), 0.03-38 (reverse)0.03-50 (forward), 0.03-38 (reverse)0.03-50 (forward), 0.03-38 (reverse)0.03-50 (forward), 0.03-38 (reverse)
Type2 Speed2 Speed2 Speed2 Speed2 Speed2 Speed
540 / rpm------
540E / rpm160016001600160016001600
1000 / rpm203020302030203020302030
1000E / rpm160016001600160016001600
Front 1000/rpm **201020102010201020102010
Ground speed------
TypeCCLS [?]CCLS [?]CCLS [?]CCLS [?]CCLS [?]CCLS [?]
Max. pump output l / min (optional)205205205205205205
Max. hydraulic valves rear666666
Max. hydraulic valves front **222222
Hydraulic oil available for implements, litres515151515151
Rear linkage (AutoControl)
Max. lift capacity at link ends, kN120120120120120120
Max. lift range mm850850850850850850
Slip controlxxxxxx
Drive Balance controlxxxxxx
Front linkage
Max. lift range, mm------
Max. lift capacity at link ends, kN505050505050
Brake typeHAwPA [?]HAwPA [?]HAwPA [?]HAwPA [?]HAwPA [?]HAwPA [?]
Hydraulic parking brake integrated to power shuttleStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Weights and measures mm
Tyres600/70R28 + 650/85R38600/70R28 + 650/85R38600/70R28 + 650/85R38600/70R28 + 650/85R38600/70R28 + 650/85R38600/70R28 + 650/85R38
Wheelbase (mm)310531053105310531053105
Length (mm)486848684868486848684868
Width (mm)255025502550255025502550
Height (mm)3382 [1]3382 [1]3382 [1]3382 [1]3382 [1]3382
Turning radius (m)
Ground clearance rear axle (mm):472472472472472472
Weight (full tanks, kg)120001200012000120001200012000
Fuel tank, std l610610610610610610
AdBlue tank, l606060606060

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