Conquer the forest with the right machinery Valtra - Unbeatable in Forest

Conquer the forest with the right machinery Valtra - Unbeatable in Forest

Musíte dělat i jiné práce? Podívejte se, jak vám stroje Valtra pomohou v těchto situacích:

Forest covers 72% of Finland. Which is why we build the best forest tractors in the world.

Working in the forest with a tractor demands a lot from the machine and the operator. In Scandinavia, a lot of forest work is carried out in winter time. The short daylight times and loads of snow can add additional strain – but the things need to get done, regardless of the weather conditions.

Why would you settle for a forest machine that has been designed to meet the average needs of the average forest machine operator? If the operator is an expert in what he is doing, his equipment should match his skills. We at Valtra believe that you need a machine that is designed specifically to meet your individual needs.


FOREST CAB - Solid protection, optimal visibility

When working in the forest, it is essential that you have an unobstructed view in all directions. Valtra’s forest cab offers you optimal visibility everywhere, including upwards, so you can see everything essential around you: trees, boulders, stumps and the contours of the land. The panoramic roof also lets you see the branches that have to be cut.

The forest cab is also available with a pillarless SVC side window, which further enhances productivity.


TWINTRAC - A unique Valtra innovation

Forest work requires excellent precision, agility and visibility. Our unique TwinTrac reversedrive system makes Valtra tractors the uncontested leader in the forest. Raise the steering wheel, release the driver’s seat and rotate around. You will find all the main controls ready for use at the back of the ergonomic cab.

When working in reverse, the steered wheels are behind you, creating a very tight turning radius. This eliminates the need for many unnecessary manoeuvres, which in turn saves time and energy. It also lets you access the tightest and least accessible areas in the forest.

AGCO Power Engines

AGCO Power Engines - Legendary Finnish SISU - exactly what you need in the forest!

At the heart of Valtra you will find a range of impressive AGCO Power engines that drive you through the most challenging forest environments. The engines are is filled with the bulletproof, tested technology. 

AGCO engines feature the SISUTronic engine management system, which optimises engine functions and fuel consumption, while providing maximum power and torque in all conditions. With the right machinery you really can conquer the forest!


SUBFRAME - Over the toughest terrain

Our partners can offer a subframe designed especially for Valtra that allows you to attach loads directly to the rear while also protecting your tractor from below. 

The subframe protects the transmission, axles and engine from impacts. It also distributes loader stresses over the entire frame, which protects both the tractor and the loader.


STEEL FUEL TANK - Protection in extreme conditions

The forest is a place where only the toughest survive. When working in tight spaces and undulating terrain, it is often impossible to prevent the tractor from being hit by branches, trunks, stumps and rocks.

For your protection, Valtra offers a heavy-duty 147-litre steel fuel tank that is fitted at the factory. Naturally, our standard SCR tank is also reinforced.



Does your work require more hydraulic output and capacity? No problem. Our partners can offer a front pump designed especially for your Valtra providing all the extra hydraulics you need, for example for controlling the harvester head.

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